The UKULELE MIKE store is under construction


While the store is under construction please make all purchases through the PayPal donate button. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. After clicking the Donate button you will see a new form. Enter the amount you want to pay at the top. Below that you will see "Add special instructions to the seller". Click that link and enter which product(s) you wish to purchase. Then either enter your debit or credit card information or click the PayPal login button if you do want to pay through your PayPal account. Be sure to tic the box "Share your mailing address with C&M Productions" so that we can ship you your order! Note: if you choose to pay through PayPal follow the PayPal instructions to enter your ordering instructions.

Thank you for your patience; a new website and ordering process is coming soon!

Materials available now are: