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Beattle Channel Beatles and Ukulele . . . A match made in heaven. Considering George Harrison's lifelong dedication to the ukulele and more recently Paul McCartney playing George's song SOMETHING on the ukulele then what a better combination of musical elements but the classic repertoire of the Beatles played on this wonderful, magical instrument of Hawaii.
So now. . . pick up your uke and play everything from SHE LOVES YOU to YESTERDAY to OCTOPUS'S GARDEN along with Master Ukulele Teacher - UKULELE MIKE. . . YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!
Christmas Channel From the classic Christmas Carols such as SILENT NIGHT and AWAY IN A MANGER to the rocking Christmas songs such as JINGLE BELL ROCK and LITTLE ST. NICK, Now is the time to prepare for those family Christmas parties and gatherings. Dust off your uke and learn along with Master Ukulele Teacher - UKULELE MIKE
Disney Channel Come on in and enter the MAGICAL KINGDOM . . . Over six decades of wonderful timeless Disney classics. Master Ukulele Teacher Mike Lynch invites you to join him in learning and playing so many of the marvelous songs that have enchanted millions throughout the world for so long. From A DREAM IS WISH YOUR HEART MAKES, made famous by none other then UKULELE IKE . . . to the rousing sea chanty A WHALE OF A TALE from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Pick up your uke now and play along with UKULELE MIKE
Endless Summer Channel Wanna play the timeless songs of the Beach Boys? How about the relaxing strains of Jimmy Buffet's "MARGARITAVILLE"? Or, how about hundreds of other great songs to play on the beach, at a campfire, or just anywhere when you want to relive that feeling of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Pick up your uke now and play along with Master Ukulele Teacher - UKULELE MIKE
UKULELE MIKE Channel The premier channel of UKULELE MIKE. . . (Formerly known as MusicTeacher2009) This wonderful channel explores many of the most basic elementary skills needed to learn to play the ukulele, including strumming patterns, chord fingering, barre chords, fingerpicking, understanding different time signatures etc.
In addition to the basic technique lessons is the bonus of TONS of great traditional and current popular songs. NOW is the time. If you've always wanted to play a musical instrument, then this channel is for YOU. Go grab a ukulele and play along with Master Ukulele Teacher - UKULELE MIKE